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8 Cyclists Pedal Their Way From Delhi To Kolkata To Show World Can Overcome Climate Crisis

B2B 2022: A Cycle expedition was organized by Delhi Randonneurs, supported by Rotary Club of Calcutta Endeavour, RID 3291, wherein 8 cyclists travelled from Delhi’s Signature Bridge to Kolkata’s Howrah Bridge. This cycle ride, one of the biggest rides of India started from New Delhi on 15th October 22 and touched cities like Mathura, Agra, Kanpur, Prayagraj, Aurangabad, Varanasi, Dhanbad, Durgapur before reaching Kolkata on 19th October, 2022 after covering a distance of 1,480 kms in 4 nights and 5 Days.

Champions who bicycled their way from Delhi to Kolkata.

As global warming and climate change have been big challenges in the world and only environmental conversation and afforestation can curb this menace. The aim of these 8 cyclists, namely Sanjeev Rattan, Dr Pawan Dhingra, Balraj Singh Chauhan, Muneet Puri, Vishal Lalotra, Priyaranjan Sharma and Utkarsh Verma, is to show the world that the use of bicycles produces zero emissions, comes with a long list of societal, economic and health benefits and is quite simply, one of humanity’s greatest hopes for a shift towards a zero-carbon future.
On a Mission to make our planet a better place for our future generations, their appeal to the masses is to adopt cycling and raise awareness to make cyclists safe on the road.
Time to think – If they can cycle from Delhi to Kolkata why not we, from home to work place.

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