New Delhi/Beijing: President Xi Jinping on Sunday said China has achieved comprehensive control over Hong Kong. Xi was addressing a gathering at the opening of the once-in-five-year Communist Party congress in Beijing. The President hailed Hong Kong’s transition from ‘chaos to governance’.
“China has also waged a major struggle against Taiwan separatism and is determined and able to oppose territorial integrity”, Chinese President Xi Jinping said. The President also added that the coming five years will be crucial for building a modern socialist power. Economic development will be a top priority for the party. We will maintain pluralistic and stable economic relations with other countries, Xi added. Priority will be given to education and self-reliance on technology.
Earlier, just ahead of the key meeting of the ruling Communist Party, banners calling for Chinese President Xi Jinping’s removal cropped up in Beijing. Social media were flooded with pictures of banners protesting against Xi Jinping’s zero-Covid policy and authoritarian regime.
The banners called Xi a dictator and a tyrant, as per translations available on the internet, and called for the easing of restrictions under the ‘Zero Covid’ policy and said people should have rights and should not be treated like slaves.