New Delhi: Cyrus Mistry’s tragic death in a car crash has put the spotlight again on road safety measures. From revising traffic fines to mandating rear seat belts, the government is leaving no stone unturned to improve road safety for public. “I don’t want to make any comment on any accident. But people at the back think only front-seaters should wear belt.

Both front-seaters and back-seaters need to wear seat belts,” Nitin Gadkari, the Road Transport Minister stated recently.  Now, in order to curb accidents, the transport ministry has issued draft rules to make it mandatory for car makers to install an alarm system for rear seat belts. The last date for public comments on draft rules is October 5, the report added.

₹10,000 Can Be Imposed For Violating Traffic Rules
Commuters must note that a fine of Rs 10,000 can be imposed if they violate the traffic rule. Vehicle owners will have to abide by the rules laid under the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. Before stepping out, he/she should ensure that they carry all the necessary documents in their car.

List of Important Documents That You Must Carry In Your Car To Avoid Challan

  • Driving License (DL)
  • Insurance Policy copy
  • PUC Copy
  • Registration Certificate (RC) of vehicle

The traffic police is entitled to issue a challan if you don’t carry all the above-mentioned documents. 

New Traffic Rules in India 2022

General (177)Rs. 100Rs. 500
Rules of road regulation violation (new 177A)Rs. 100Rs. 500
Traveling without a ticket (178)Rs. 200Rs. 500
Disobedience to the orders of authorities (179)Rs. 500Rs. 2000
Unauthorized use of vehicles without a licence (180)Rs. 1000Rs. 5000
Driving without a licence (181)Rs. 500Rs. 5000
Driving without qualification (182)Rs. 500Rs. 10,000
Oversized vehicles (182B)Rs. 5000
Over speeding (183)Rs. 400Rs. 1000 for LMV,
Rs. 2000 for Medium Passenger Vehicle
Dangerous driving penalty (184)Rs. 1,000Up to Rs. 5000
Drunken driving (185)Rs. 2000Rs. 10,000
Speeding/ Racing (189)Rs. 500Rs. 5,000
A vehicle without a permit (192A)Up to Rs. 5000Up to Rs. 10,000
Aggregators (violations of licencing conditions) (193)Rs. 25,000 to Rs 1,00,000
Overloading (194)Rs. 2,000, and
Rs 1,000 per extra tonne
Rs. 20,000, and
Rs 2,000 per extra tonne
Overloading of Passengers (194A)Rs. 1000 per extra passenger
Seat Belt (194 B)Rs. 100Rs. 1,000
Overloading of two-wheelers (194 C)Rs. 100Rs. 2,000, Disqualification of licence for 3 months
Not providing a way for emergency vehicles (194E)Rs. 10,000

A Step-by-Step Guide to Pay Challan Online 

  • Login to the official website of transport department in your state
  • Click on the link that reads ‘e-challan payments’ or ‘traffic violation payment’
  • Click on the violation you are paying penalty for
  • Enter your e-challan or vehicle identification number
  • If you are paying the penalty by debit or credit card, continue by providing your payment information
  • After paying the fine, you will receive an SMS on your registered mobile number confirming the same
  • You can also use Paytm to pay the penalty

How to Pay Challan Offline

One can pay the e-challan amount in cash through prosecuting officer of traffic police having an e-challan machine
Or visit the traffic police headquarters to pay the challan with all the relevant documents.
 Cheque/Demand Draft (DD) can also be used to pay challan.