Cobra Review
Cobra Review

Cobra Review:

The film needed better casting. Apart from Actor Vikram, who shines, the rest of the support cast barely makes an impact

Cobra deserves to be praised because it gives Actor Vikram his most ambitious film in recent years, and the star has so much fun playing a role that doesn’t scream hero. For the most part of the film, it’s a character that demands a restrained performance and it’s something that comes naturally to him. The reason why you want to find fault with the film is because of its needlessly stretched run-time, which gets quite tiresome after a point.

Cobra Movie Storyline

A series of assassinations of some of the top leaders of the world has given sleepless nights to Turkish Interpol officer, Aslan (Irfan Pathan). With the help of a criminology student from Chennai, Aslan finds out that a criminal named Cobra is responsible for all the assassinations, but his identity remains a mystery. Aslan travels to Chennai to work with the local police to nab the killer.

Mathiazhagan (Vikram) is a genius mathematician who lives the life of a recluse. Aslan’s investigation reveals that Cobra could also be a mathematics genius and suddenly all the clues point fingers toward Mathi, who gets involved in the case. Is Mathi really Cobra?

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Cobra Casting

Director: R. Ajay Gnanamuthu
Writers: R. Ajay Gnanamuthu(Writer), Kannan(dialogue writer), Sekar Neelan(dialogue writer)
Stars: Vikram, Irfan Pathan, Srinidhi Shetty.
Music by: A.R. Rahman
Stunts: Dhilip Subbarayan

Cobra Movie Review

It has the scope for Acting and gives him to sport different looks (like Kamal Haasan in Dasavatharam), and the actor, who puts up a committed and earnest performance, does have fun playing this role, especially in an Interrogation scene that appears in the second half. To his credit, after a rather shaky start, Ajay Gnanamuthu manages to get us invested in Mathiazhagan, especially from the moment we get to know of his psychological issues.

A Unique Concept with Terrific Direction, Climax & Production Designing Vikram gave Award Worthy Performance in 20 getups.He Stole the Show all the way Irfan Pathan Good to see you An engaging film with twists & turns and blockbusters. Those scenes between Srinidhi Shetty & Chiyaan Vikram are shot well with good cinematography & perfect soundtrack.