Noida: As the markets are all decked up for Diwali, pandemic fears are all blown into air. People fearlessly roam public places, shopping and making merry – without wearing masks. With no hindrances to Diwali festivities this year, sales are expected to rise up. Consumer products such as those ranging from precious metals, vehicles, decorative items and sweets, are expected to see a roaring sale in two days. Compared to last year, this time the business is likely to touch 1,000 crores, breaking last year’s record of around Rs 800 crores.
Sales for vehicles has increased this year, for both two and four-wheelers. Besides, people are also interested in buying gold, silver, decorative items, clothes, utensils, sweets, and other gifts. So far, around 6,000 vehicles have been registered in RTO. On Dhanteras and Diwali together, there will be delivery of more than 1,600 vehicles. Around Rs 300 crores is expected to be the figure for vehicle business as people are excited and the delivery and bookings are taking place increasingly.
Sales professionals at automobile dealers and outlets are working double shifts and will be present on the days of the festivities so that maximum customers may be reached by Diwali and their vehicles delivered.
Besides, the sale of gold, silver and diamond jewellry is also set to hit a record with about 30 to 40 per cent jump expected. Due to the slowdown in the price, the number of buyers is likely to be more. In all likelihood, jewellery sales are expected to rise above Rs 100 crores. Sale of utensils on Dhanteras has also increased sharply.
S.K. Jain, president of Sector 18 Market Association, said that the festival is visible in the markets after two years. He added that this year, the trade is expected to be about 30 per cent more than last year.