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Narayana Murthy responded to son-in-law Rishi Sunak becoming UK PM

Narayana Murthy, the co-founder of Infosys, congratulated his son-in-law Rishi Sunak after he was confirmed to be the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Murthy said that he was “proud” of what Sunak has achieved and expressed his confidence that he will “do his best” for the country. 

Congratulations to Rishi. We are proud of him, and we wish him success. We are confident he will do his best for the people of the United Kingdom,” Murthy told ANI on Monday. 

Sunak got married to Murthy’s daughter Akshata after the couple met at Stanford University in the United States while pursuing their MBA. Akshata lived abroad for most of her life due to her studies and profession, and the couple got married at a traditional Indian wedding in Bengaluru. 

The couple has two daughters – Krishna, 11, and Anoushka, 9. 

Sunak and Akshata were stakeholders in Murthy’s company – Catamaran Ventures – but the incoming PM transferred his stakes to his wife in 2015. However, the controversies continue to haunt both due to the financial windfall as well as the allegations of profiting from Infosys’ operations in Russia. 

Sunak was the favourite in the UK leadership race with more than 140 supporters in the Conservative Party, but the elections never took place as Penny Mordaunt pulled out on Monday. As a result, Sunak was picked unanimously as the next PM of the United Kingdom after the resignation of Liz Truss. Truss had a torrid tenure in office after her economic measures were criticised from all corners following a fall in the value of the pound against the United States dollar.

Sunak, who describes himself as a proud Hindu, is the UK’s first Prime Minister of South Asian heritage and the youngest for more than 200 years at the age of 42. His victory on Diwali has resonated among the Indian diaspora groups across the UK, who have hailed it as a historic moment in British social history. Rishi Sunak will take charge as Britain’s first Indian-origin Prime Minister after an audience with King Charles III today.

Outgoing Prime Minister Liz Truss will chair her final Cabinet meeting at 10 Downing Street today before she makes her way to Buckingham Palace to formally tender her resignation to the 73-year-old monarch. Sunak, 42, will then arrive at the palace for his meeting with the King, who will formally anoint him as the UK’s new Prime Minister.


Queen Elizabeth II passes away – London Bridge is Down

The Queen Elizabeth died peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon- Buckingham Palace.

Britain’s Prince Harry is traveling alone to Scotland, without his wife Meghan, to be with his grandmother Queen Elizabeth, after doctors expressed concern about her health on Thursday, PA Media reported.

The White House said on Thursday that President Joe Biden had been briefed about the situation with Britain’s ailing Queen Elizabeth and that his thoughts were with her and her family. Charles, the Prince of Wales, will unofficially become the king. He’ll make his first speech as head of state on the evening of the queen’s death.

But all of this is if the queen dies in London. Were she to pass away elsewhere — she is currently recuperating at Balmoral Castle in Scotland — the day after the queen’s death, the flags will be raised again, and at 11 am, Charles will officially become king. He may or may not choose to stick with the name and choose a regnal name instead. His wife Camilla will assume the title of queen, as per the wishes of Elizabeth II. The new king will tour the UK — to Edinburgh, Belfast, and Cardiff — to attend services honoring his mother.

Meanwhile, Westminster Hall will be closed for cleaning and funeral preparations. Four days after her death, Buckingham Palace will be a procession to Westminster Hall, where she will lie in State for the next four days. Important people will be able to visit her first, followed by her normal subjects. Officials expect between half a million to a million people to see the queen.

On the ninth day, the funeral is held. At 9 am, the bells covered in leather pads will ring. The coffin will be carried to Westminster Abbey. The funeral will begin at 11 am. After the funeral, the queen will be taken to Windsor Castle where she will be buried next to her husband, Prince Philip, and her father, King George VI.

Royal Family Announces Queen Elizabeth’s death

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