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Bengaluru Rain Live Updates: All tanks in city full, Girl dead

Karnataka’s Bengaluru remains under the siege of heavy rainfall and waterlogging in the streets, which is making the lives of residents more and more difficult in the Silicon Valley of India. Due to the second round of heavy rains, the streets in the city remain flooded, causing kilometers-long traffic jams. Further, the drinking water supply in the city has also been hit majorly due to heavy rains battering Bengaluru over the past few days. The drinking water supply in several parts of Bengaluru has been disrupted on September 6, as per the latest advisory.

Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board’s (BWSSB) pump house unit that manages Cauvery water supply to the city at TK Halli near Mandya has been flooded and the flood has caused damage to machinery there. Due to this, BWSSB has warned of water supply disruption in several areas of Bengaluru on Tuesday, September 6.

Many offices in Bengaluru and nearby affected cities have been shut down and employees are being urged to work from home for the time being due to heavy rains. Several residential areas have suffered significant damage with reports of houses collapsing and roofs giving out coming from several parts of Bengaluru.

Traffic jams as long as 2 km have been reported in several parts of the city due to damaged roads and heavy waterlogging. Further, the Karnataka government also had to send in boats to rescue residents stuck in heavily waterlogged areas.

A 23-year-old woman’s death due to electrocution after slipping on a waterlogged street in rain-hit Bengaluru has triggered outrage, with many questioning the Karnataka government for mismanagement and negligence. Akhila got off her scooter near Mayura Bakery where a stretch of the road was waterlogged. While towing the two-wheeler through the knee-deep water, she lost her balance. She tried to right herself by grabbing onto an electric pole but got electrocuted.

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