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Tamil Nadu Electricity Board TANGEDCO’s new tariff comes into effect

Starting September 10th, 2022 the electricity you consume in the state will be charged higher as the Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission has approved the tariff revision proposal of the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (Tangedco). The power tariff would be hiked every year on July 1 from 2023-24 to 2026-27 based on inflation for all the consumer categories.

For consumers under Low Tension Tariff I-A, consuming up to 500 units bi-monthly, the revised energy charges post the first 100 units will be ₹2.25 per unit for 101-200 units, ₹4.50 per unit for 201-400 units, ₹6 per unit for 401-500 units.

Previously, for consumption above 200 units and up to 500 units bi-monthly, the consumer had paid ₹2 per unit for 101-200 units and ₹3 per unit for 201-500 units along with a fixed charge of ₹30 per service.

Based on this, consumers consuming up to 500 units, will see their electricity bill go up nearly 53% to ₹1,725 from the existing ₹1,130.

For domestic consumers consuming above 500 units bi-monthly under the 100 unit scheme, the consumer has to pay as follows:

  • 101-400 units- ₹4.50 per unit
  • 401-500 units- ₹6.00 per unit
  • 501-600 units- ₹8 per unit
  • 601-800 units- ₹9 per unit
  • 801-1000 units- ₹10 per unit
  • Above 1000 units – ₹11 per unit.

Previously for consumption above 500 units bi-monthly,

  • ₹3.50 per unit for 101-200 units.
  • ₹4.60 per unit for 201-500 units.
  • ₹6.60 per unit for above 500 units.
  • A fixed charge of ₹50 per service.

TNERC has also accepted Tangedco’s proposal for a separate tariff category LT Tariff ID for all common utilities – Common lighting, water supply, lift, Sewerage treatment plant, Water treatment plant, Gym, Swimming pool, and Fire hydrant facility. The energy charges will be ₹8 per unit with fixed charges of ₹200 per kilowatt for two months.

The tariffs have also been increased for commercial and other categories of consumers, though the hike in fixed charges has been revised from earlier proposals due to protests from industries.

The new tariff came into effect after the Madurai bench of Madras High Court on September 1 stayed a single bench order, which had restrained the TNERC from passing the final orders on the electricity tariff petitions filed by TANGEDCO / Tamil Nadu Transmission Corporation (Transco) / State Load Despatch Centre (SLDC), till a legal member is appointed to the Commission. The new tariff was proposed by TANGEDCO on July 18. It was in 2014 that the electricity tariff was last revised in Tamil Nadu.

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