Viruman Review: Karthi and Aditi Shankar’s Tamil Film

Viruman starring Karthi and debutant Aditi Shankar in lead roles released on August 12 at the theatres. The Tamil film happens to be one of the most anticipated movies of 2022 which is helmed by M Muthaiah. The story of the flick revolves around Karthi leaving his house after knowing that his father is the reason for his mother’s suicide.

Karthi plays a man who works for the local decors, and the relationship between him and his dad is disturbed due to a bad past including the death of their mother. The reasons behind the rift and the ways in which the family reunites form the crux of the film, and the film plods along in a template manner from start to finish. There is hardly anything new in the film, and Muthaiya has stuck to the basics and has presented the film in his own style.

Karthi shines in the emotional scenes and is on point with the dialogue recitals. Aditi Shankar makes an impressive debut and proves that she is here to stay. Prakash Raj in an entirely evil role has carried out his part well, and the film gets good supporting characters from Rajkiran, Singam Puli, Soori, and the others.

Viruman Movie Review Rating: 3/5

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