New Delhi: Former BJP leader Vinod Arya, the father of Pulkit Arya – the prime accused in the murder case of a 19-year-old receptionist in Uttarakhand – described his son as a “seedha sadha balak” (a simple innocent boy).
Calling his son “innocent”, Vinod Arya said he want justice for both his son and also the murdered woman. “Seedha sadha balak hai (he is a simple boy). He is only concerned about his work. I want justice for both my son Pulkit and the murdered woman. He would never indulge in such activities,” Vinod Arya said.
Pulkit Arya, resort manager Saurabh Bhaskar, and assistant manager Ankit Gupta were arrested on Friday after they confessed to have killed Ankita Bhandari – a receptionist at the Uttarakhand resort – and thrown her body into Cheela canal. The culprits have informed police that Ankita was murdered after an argument with her as she was refusing to the demand of the resort owner for sexual favour for himself and his guests in the resort.
Ankita Bhandari murder case – What do we know
On September 18, Pulkit Arya, his friend Ankit Gupta and resort manager Saurabh Bhaskar took Ankita out for a chat to resolve the issue. They went to Rishikesh on bikes, with Ankita riding pillion with Pulkit.
There, Pulkit and Ankita started arguing about the matter, with Pulkit being angry that she had told about his demands to others. The argument led to a physical fight between the two, and Ankita threw Pulkit’s phone in the river during this fight. Angry over this, Pulkit pushed her into the river, presumably killing her.
Ankita Bhandari’s body was recovered in the early hours of Saturday from the Chilla canal in Uttarakhand’s Rishikesh, the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) confirmed. Uttarakhand Police said that Bhandari was killed by Arya and two other staffers of the resort for refusing to indulge in prostitution with resort guests. The cops further confirmed that the three arrested confessed to their crime when they were interrogated sternly.
After the body was recovered, locals set Vanatara resort – owned by BJP leader Vinod Arya’s son Pulkit Arya – in Rishikesh on fire.
Following outrage, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) expelled Vinod Arya and Ankit Arya, the father and brother of main accused Pulkit Arya in connection with the murder case of Ankita Bhandari. Vinod Arya had formerly served as chairperson of the Uttarakhand Mati Board with a state minister’s rank. His other son Ankit, who was also in the BJP, has now been removed as vice president of Uttarakhand OBC Commission.